Sunday, 7 September 2014

I Ain't Dead

But I haven't painted for over a year!

For the first in over twelve months I sat down in front of my brushes, paints, and tiny plastic creatures and tried to paint. I figured I'd be out of practice but still remembered the theory and method of everything I wanted to do.

Turns out I was wrong. May as well have fingers made of sausage. It's like I've never picked up a brush before! I still pushed through and got some paints on stuff. Started building a piece of scenery. I'm hoping it will all come back quickly. If not - it didn't take me long to learn it in the first place and it is still enjoyable.

My current models out are a set of the tiny nurgle minions stacked up, a WWII tank and what is going to be a set of marble stairs set in elf land, long abandoned. I'm doing the nurglings up to look like different types of poisonous (therefore colourful) frogs, the tank up in grey camo as practice for a baneblade, and the stairs as practice getting pva glue everywhere. I have already glued my water cup, tissue and a paint pot to my table.

Fingers crossed I pick up speed soon. If not - there's always washes!