Hi! I'm Lethemonster, and this blog is something I've created to try and make me work consistently on my art. I have a bad habit of starting things but never finishing them. For some reason I think the blog will help...

At the moment it's mostly about miniature painting - but as time goes on I'll be posting more of my traditional  artwork and progress therein as well. I'm currently debating whether I should actually start up a new blog about it, or if I can fit everything on here nicely without detering readers.

I want this to be both a log of my (hopefully) improvement in all the things I do, but also turn into a useful resource for others doing the same thing. I find one of the best ways Iearn and remember things is to present it to someone else, effectively trying to teach. So as I learn more I will be presenting my own tutorial sets that collate all the awesome things I've learnt through my own practice and from the masters.

I'm currently a uni student studying a science degree, going into my second year after the summer. I'm quite nerdy but I've always had a passion the creative arts too! I also love doggies more than anything. I have a stupid chocolate labrador who is the loveliest pile of fluff you'll ever see. Although she is currently chewing something squeaky... I'm finding her less cute at the moment.

I take my lungs very seriously when it comes to priming