New inspiration pics!

Note: None of these photos are my property, they are the property of the original painters/photographers. I have rehosted them all on imgur so that I do not interfere with anyone's bandwidth/hosting.  If something of yours is here and you want it removed please just send me a message.  I will remove it and look sad.

I've tried to find a whole new set of people for this round. In this I've included some final pics, wip pics and links to where you can find all of their stuff. These are the painters I'm currently following and looking at to keep up my interest in painting and to aspire to.

First up is a painter who goes by the name 'Glazed Over'. I can't remember how I stumbled across his threads and pics, but a number of his pieces are actually featured this month in White Dwarf in the coverage of the golden demon winners.

This is the only time Ive a) seen power weapons I actually like the effects on and b) liked the gold model. The depth, contrast and crispness of painting is insane.

The faces he paints are phenomenal as well. They actually look like people, rather than the very stylized and often unnaturally coloured ones that dominate in mini painting at the moment.

His threads are really informative. He gives out his recipes, explains how he does things and all round posts like a cool guy. Very much worth reading through and following.

Also I just noticed in his profile he lives in the same town as me. Weird!

Glazed Over - CMoN Page

Glazed Over - Platoon Britannica - Finished Work Thread

Glazed Over - Platoon Britannica - WiP Thread

Next up is someone who has featured on my blog before: Sproket! 

This guy takes slow and steady to the extreme. His results are definitely worth it though. This Tomb Kings piece is something he built and painted to take a break from a Dark Eldar diorama he has been putting together for over a year now (pictured below as well).

Haha I just noticed the Tomb King has very silly, tiny feet. How adorable.

And the Dark Eldar diorama pieces:

If you told me that eating his models would allow me to paint like him I would do it in a heartbeat, no consideration for the inevitable indigestion. It would be worth trying to digest plastic and toxic paints.

He has some cool WiP posts, how to's and guides on both his painting blog and CMoN thread.

Sproket's Small World (Blog)

Sproket's CMoN WiP Thread

I'll add some more soon. And I'll review if this actually makes any sense. I'm updating this the day after having surgery so god knows what this all actually says and what sense it makes. Tired now so need to take a break.