Saturday, 25 February 2012

My Adorable Wolly Mammoth and Me. And the fat guy on the mammoth.

I said yesterday that I had exchanged that horrible piece of rubbish Sammael model for a Stonehorn, and was going to take photos to show just how much better the plastic model is than the wonderful finecast.

This can be assembled as a thundertusk or stonehorn. Both are awesome. 
Comes in a nice big box as all the big warhammer units do. The moment I opened the box I relaxed - you can see straight away that the quality is so much better in everyway.

The model as a whole comes in these three sprues. One thing I really like the plastic stuff for over the finecast is all the extra bits you get for changing your model about. For the price I'm paying, I would rather pick up a plastic model kit and have lots of bits the play about with even after I've assembled the main model.

I'm still pretty bad at taking photos but these are all good enough that you get the general idea.

Stonehorn Head
The Stonehorn's head is supposed to look like it is made of... Stone! The edges are all really well defined. No sponginess!

Ogre shield and Ogre Whip Chain
 This piece of sprue specially caught my eye after yesterday. Looking at the shield first you can see how nicely the detail stands out and how defined the edges to everything are. Even the small details of the chainmail are retained, no smudging together.

On the left I kept in some of the chain whip. If you look at my last post you can find on the Sammael where there are supposed to be chains over it, but they are just an ugly mess. In the plastic they look superb, even the smaller ones.

Wolly Mammoth Butt
I really like the softer details on the model too. This is the fur on the back of the woolly mammoth. Good degree of detail without becoming overwhelming.

Base bits
The box also comes with a few bits to stick on your base! The little extras really push plastic for me as opposed to the other sets.

I have saved the best for last. There is one thing on earth that I treasure above all else... Something tastier than the tastiest thing you can think of, unless you do in fact think of the thing I am thinking of and am going to post below:

YES! THE POLLO! The delicious Hundchen, the succulent presumably japanese squiggles!


Sold, games workshop. Put one of these in with a landraider and I'd buy one of those.

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