Saturday, 19 January 2013


Not only an amazing song but an annoying affliction. Steadily over the last two weeks my ability to sleep has drained away until I'm staying up for a couple of days in a row. On the second day I'm quite grumpy. This little sleep has left me with a dilemma; I've still got studying and so on to do and exams. But, if you've ever tried to do quantum mechanics with your brain functions 100% you'll understand why doing this with no sleep was less than appealing, and even less productive.

Some people might be able to see how much trouble I'm having writing normally. I'm trying but linking words together feels like my brain pulling out syllables through treacle and wedging the sticky mess together. The way my brain is running a lecturer could just yell 'And jabberwocks did it!' and my brain would nod and go 'omg makes so much sense'.

You know what I can do, though?


I picked up my airbrush and models for the first time in about 5 months last week, and I've been a painting MACHINE.

My ork bomber looks totally amazing so far. I'm really looking forward to finish everything and seeing what people think. Also my friend collected his DA that I had mostly painted. Unfortunately didn't have time to finish painting the army before he needed them for games and so on.

Here's some shots: click for big!

First up is the land raider. It's only a few steps past the basecoating stage. I'd just used oil paints to define  all the edges, rivets and indentations and started with the hazard stripes on the front. The metals were 99% finished on it. I'm annoyed with the pictures of the rear engine because in real life it looks really good: grimy, used, oily and smokey over the stacks.

Here's the other DA tank that I did finish, and then frosted with matt varnish :(

And finally some ork planes pictures! I've actually done a hell of a lot more work on this since the photo was taken, but this will do for now!

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