Thursday, 16 June 2016

Im terrible at Painting

Salutations fellow nerds! Ive decided I want to work on my brush painting. Ive reached a point where with the right model I can get some pretty nifty paint jobs done, like the screamers and the pheonixes Ive painted.

I want to catch up the standards of my brush work before I continue forwards with my airbrush. I keep reaching points where I have things that have to be done by brush but I can't match how the rest of the model looks - its jarring seeing good airbrush work next to ham handed brush work!

I oathed the special Ork model from the Assault on Black Reach set, meaning I have to finish painting it by the end of the month. I'm trying to do it all by brush and uhh... Its not going so great.

The current problem is the finish of the paint. I keep ending up with a very plasticky finish that doesnt take subsequent layers very well. Ive tried everything from super thin to super thick layers, only thinning with water, thinning with mediums and so on. No matter what it seems I always do something slightly wrong that leaves me with this imperfect finish.

It would be like picking up a random plastic toy from a shop and trying to paint straight on it, that's how it feels.

When I reach that point I use a liberally applied wash over the part that's gone plasticky because I know even a flood of games workshop wash dries to a good, toothy finish. Then I start again with a new type of layer and keep trying.

It doesnt help that Im painting with greens and yellows which are my least favourite colours of mini paint to use, since they seem to have an inherent tackiness to their texture. The only exceptions Ive come across so far are a couple of the old green foundation paints by Games Workshop and some of the panzer paints from Vallejo. I havent tried the new games workshop base coats so I might try having a poke at them soon.

I'll add some pictures of the work so far to this post later on when Ive managed to pry them off of my phone.

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