Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Imperial Knight Part 2

A few update pics for the evening;

These were taken on my phone which has done some odd; warm colour correction. You can get the general idea though.

Gold basecoat was Retribution armour by citadel followed by gold from the model colour range. Going to be followed up tomorrow with some washes to deepen colour range.

You can see in these pictures how I went back over the blue to give the shadows a deeper tint. I used a 1:1 mix of Royal blue and royal purple from model colour and airbrushed that onto the parts I wanted to be darkest.

I have to go back over the blue tomorrow because I managed to overspray a very fine cover of gold onto the body and couldn't get it off without scrapping away the paint underneath. Doh.

Next up: learning how to fix the spots you couldnt mask off properly before applying a completely different colour. I cant wait.

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