Friday, 16 March 2012

Dark Angels

I have been sent a couple of tanks to paint for the same guy who tricked me into dealing with abomination of a model 'Sammael'. They are also going to be Dark Angels. I have been trawling through pics of tanks for inspiration and thought I'd post up some of them here.

This one was painted by Rene and can be found here;

Obviously the freehand is excellent, but I love the idea of having a tank covered in the scrawlings of its chapter. He has another cool DA tank here;

But I found with this model the freehand all looks excellent, but only the bottom half of the vehicle looks finished. The top half looks like it is missing detailing and weathering compared to the bottom. 

This one was painted by HopeRiver and can be found here;

This one to me actually looks like a painting. I like most of the free hand except for the diamon pattern. It looks too much like velvet cushions to me. Or toilet paper. A Dreadnought looks much less scary when it looks like a pillow. 

This one was painted by Nucleosaur, and can be found here;

His gallery showcases many excellent examples of OSL and weathering. I will definitely be pouring over them when it comes to finishing off the details on the DA tanks. 

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