Monday, 19 September 2011

Back on track (Maybe...)

Trying to get my butt in gear and start posting regularly. I've just bought a bunch of sculpting supplies;

Milliput Black

Milliput Superfine White

Das modelling clay

Sculpey Modelling clay

Set of basic tools

Halloween skull mould

I've used the milliput black and das so far. I was trying to make some bases with it. Milliput doesn't suit what I was trying so well but the Das worked perfectly. I was going for an ancient style ruins set of bases. Slabs of rock paving the floor, cracked and worn by time. My ye olde stone weathering looks rubbish but the actual floor looks excellent.

One thing I found with the Das is that - unlike everything else - when I made the indentations between the stones there was no visible puffing up of the surrounding clay. It seems to be much less dense than the others so when I finished the divisions in the floor I didn't then have to work on smoothing the flagstones back out. Made the processmuch less fiddly and annoying.

Very smooth and pleasant to handle as well. Inexpensive too. This is the first lot I have produced;

Temple-y floor-y basey
Boyfriend wants some snowy temple bases for his chaos army so I've been doing preliminary designs for that. If I got the lines neater and did rubble and destroyed stones in a realistic way these will turn out really nicely.

Tree stumps - that glow!
 I wanted to try making some tree type bases. I can't get a picture of them at the moment that isn't so bright. The bottom left is supposed to be a trunk cross section - I used a sculpting tool to gently draw in the pattern of rings and a couple of knots. The outside is textured like bark. The bottom right is more of the tree stump with some of the roots showing. The top one was supposed to be some ground framed by branches but I lost my idea halfway through and produced a 'lump'.

Temple columns and base.
These are for a set of terminator bases I'm designing. I want them to all contain part of a single collapsed structure - a set of columns for the temple - so that they are unified. The bases itself will be sand. The little circle on the right is going to be the base for the column next to it, which as you can see is broken part way up. This piece matches the one on the far right - which is going to have collapsed at an angle onto the next base!

In the future I'll be looking to inscribe the pillars themselves to add more detail and depth to the piece but for now I'm happy being able to make straight lines and circles. 

Brick-paved or wooden floor
I wanted to try making neater, straighter lines on this one. See if it would look any good as a brick or wooden base. I like it - I'll be picking up some sandpaper to make wood grain with. I read a great tutorial today that produced some amazing wooden planks using sculpting stuff.

Finally got myself a daylight bulp lamp today. It's very nice - currently on sale in Hobbycraft if you don't have one. Feels very different at first but definitely makes it easy to be colour- accurate at night compared to during the day.

I might actually get some more article stuff written tonight. Caio for now!

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