Monday, 5 September 2011

Basing all night long

Having become a bit frustrated with painting miniatures but still wanting to do something, I set about making a set of bases yesterday with all the goodies I found when I came home. For a first batch I think they came out ok, but I'm looking for ways to make them pop more. The only problem I ran into is the tendency of the GW pva glue to contract alot while drying and so the edges aren't properly fluffed. This is easily rectified though.

Here's my first set;

The first couple of bases I made with my space ork nobz in mind. Using some paint I marked out where their feet would go so I could build up some walls and rubble around them. I really like how this one turned out. 

These bases feature my first ever attempt at being a stone mason. The one on the left was conceived as being more like the corner of a house someone was stood next too, but really has just ended up looking like some ruins/rubble. The one on the right is a wall about waste high on a model, with a bit of it collapsed over. Originally it was a complete wall but the pva gave away a bit while I was dry brushing and I couldn't be bothered to wait for it to glue back in so I just left it on the floor.

This base was my attempt at copying a type of cobblestone floor like the type you'd get in the roads in victorian era towns. I used miniature coal glued down, then filed it so it was flat and worn, with more texture. I picked out a couple of stones here and there and gave them either a dark blue dry brush or dwarf flesh. Then I washed it all with badab black, and drybrushed with successive codex and fortress grey. A little bit of brown was drybrushed on as well for a dirtier look.

This one was an experiment using bits of sprues to try and create another cobblestone/hewn stone floor type texture. I threw a little grass fluff on too and washed the whole thing brown to make it look dirty and used. Then just drybrushing with brown, then greys. I had to file the sprues before I started painting them because they were still very obviously bits of plastic.

One of the darker foundation paints very slightly thinned was used to basecoat all of these before I started doing any other painting on them.

I want to make them look more realistic, so any criticism would be great!

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