Friday, 18 November 2011

New - Clusters!

It's technically a lie, the cluster headaches aren't new. I've gotten them for five years in a row now. Luckily they've gotten better each year. First year I got them I'd start throwing up and would fall asleep for about 6 hours. You could've set fire to me and I wouldn't've roused.

These days it's still a killer headache and sometimes a migraine but I can open my eyes without hissing like a vampire in the sun.

Or sparkling!

But that's the latest excuse for no updates. Really hard to paint tiny men when one of your eyes is playing chase the black dots and the other has decided to deal with the ugliness of the world by employing blur-o-vision.

Elves are way more difficult to paint than I thought they would be, but I will be getting some more done this weekend.

Edit: Apparently a number of people have arrived at my blog this week by searching for dog+humping...

What the fuck?! Go away. Leave. Go to 'women and'. Don't bring your animal purveying ways round these parts.

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