Thursday, 3 November 2011

Well what a surprise...

Gosh! I actually painted today. Only for an hour or so but I enjoyed it and finally got something done. I also spent frigging ages taping papers to lights and cameras to try and take some better pictures of the Dreadfleet stuff. I made improvements, but still havent got the types of pictures I want. I'm going to have to just suck it up at some point and making a little lightbox for myself!

Now onto proof!

Desk including essential; Nightmare Before Christmas mug, models, paints etc, massive stack of ignored chemistry work, and lp edutainment. And Island of Blood on the floor!

 I have some possessed ready to paint as Slaaneshi dudes, but I got distracted by these cool dudes shown handing out below.

Definitely bros. Probably more if they could get the suits off.
I decided to use these guys to try out some Thousand Sons ideas. I started with a layed of enchanted blue, about 1:2 paint to water/matt medium. 

 Blue is the main colour with yellow as an accent. I didn't think too much about where I was putting it, just going with the flow and making sure I was as neat as possible because touching up yellow over blue paint will be a nightmare.

I started roughing in some of the yellow parts but left the arms off as I can't decide on the best way to paint those up yet. This first one has had a layer of sunburst yellow in the same mix as enchanted blue. Went on very nicely, to my surprise. I've been practising the whole zenithal priming thing on all my models to get started in speed painting. I watched some snazzy Miniature Mentor videos where a guy produced what I thought were gorgeous models in only a few hours that I'm trying to emulate.

I also used a heavy badab black wash on all the rigging, emblems etc on the terminator to bring out some of the details and fill on the parts I'm going to have dark anyway. I also gave the helmet a wash to see if it helped me pick out the details and shading easier.

The other one I'm going to do the secondary colour as chainmail/mithril silver with several washes of gryphonne sepia. This produces a gorgeous, aged gold colour. I think I will be going with that already but it's worth trying out the normal yellow first.

It's not much, but it's something.

Cat update! Found kitties owners and returned her. Then rescued her again today when I found her sat in the road oblivious to the cars beeping behind her. Silly deaf kitty :3

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