Wednesday, 27 July 2011

I inhaled too much and then cleaned a bath for two hours with a toothbrush.

Today has been interesting. Went into town centre to pop into Hobbycraft, Gamesworkshop and Modelzone. Grabbed Badad Black so now I have all of the GW washes! Much to my delight and dismay we discovered that the Modelzone sold Vallejo paints: the only time I've seen them outside of the internet! I bought salmon pink, chocolate brown and flat brown, and the large old gold, gold and white golds! Hobbycraft had Winsor and Newton series 7 brushes - left with the 000, 0 and 1.

A good, but expensive day overall!

Oooh and I bought a doughnut!

The rest of the day was spent on the titular activity; stripping a set of sisters of battle. I had left them in some fairy power spray before I went out and set about scrubbing them off with a toothbrush in the bath when I got back. I managed to flick paint absolutely everywhere over the bath! I should've taken a photo... but it was completely covered. I'd thought I would just be able to wash it away. Alas - twas not to be.

Where the fairy spray had dried of the flicks of paint it had dried on to the bath and wall tiles. I had to cover it in spray and scrub that all down to: with a toothbrush. It's not my bath either so I was determined to leave it spotless lest I suffer the grump of James' dad. Soooo many tiny spots of paint... soooo much scrubbing...

I don't know if you're ever used fairy power spray but its very fumey and you are definitely not supposed to inhale it. This didn't stop me! Oh boy did I huff and puff and scrub that bath down.

Nearly two hours, spraying, scrubbing, wheezing. Lightheaded, throat and lungs burning, wrists tired, toothbrushes mangled. I will be damned if that is not the cleanest a bath has ever flipping been though! Me too, I think. I'm surprised I didn't go blind over that stuff for two hours.

That shirt makes me look morbidly obese! I haven't brushed my teeth for bed this evening because I do not want to get into that stupid bathroom ever again >: |

Then I had the joy of filing down all the lines and crap on my newly naked models. Nearly got around to priming them - ended up deciding my last shred of will to live was more important. Going to be using the halfords primer from now on. I had to strip most of these models because of the awful coverage they got from the skull white. The couple I'd tried the halfords on, however, were smooth and fine; no missed bits, no bubbles, no loss of detail, very strong opaque colour, uniform coverage. I most definitely think the halfords primer outstrips the citadel by miles. The spray is better as well. Much less waste when I used it compared to skull white.

There will be actual reviews of the primers soon so I'll stop rambling on about them now. Still very lightheaded and spaced.

On the train to and from town today I was sat making a list of things to add to the blog;

Guides - paints, brushes, airbrushes, mediums, painting techniques, colour theory, thinning paints, an affordable approach to the hobby

Tutorials for the other various stages of painting miniatures. Making scenery. Actually getting the photos sorted out for the two that are up.

More variety in the inspiration page

Links pages

Reviews of products

A special army themed update each week showing awesome conversions and paint jobs

Overviews of armies/units/fluff once a week

Guide to the different games/miniature model brands

Weather and effects

and a few other random bits.

For now I am going to curl up in bed and watch some Deadly Premonition. If you haven't heard of it - don't look up anything about it, just start watching it here.

Trust me, do not look up anything about it and persevere with it. Especially if you liked Twin peaks this game is amazing and the mystery that unfolds is done brilliantly.

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