Saturday, 16 July 2011


I've actually spent a good few hours painting the past couple of days, but I haven't done anything I feel is photo worthy other than stripping my sisters. I need to finish scrubbing those guys off :(

At some point I will have enough blending failures to post a photo update on the past week. Thus far about blending I have learnt;

Incredibly thin paint. Thinner than you've used for anything else. Makes a very big difference, but does feel like a waste of time at first.

Not so much medium ratio to everything else - makes it a bit gunky for blending. More liquidy the solution the better.

Let stuff dry before I start doing the next layer. This links into the medium I was using to thin my paints, as well though. I'd get impatient doing one model and start trying to do the next layer blending onto a half dry under layer. Queue lots of gunky-funkyness.

I know wet-blending is slightly beyond me since I only just got back into painting, but I'm still having a lot of fun doing it even when I'm doing it horribly wrong. At some point I'm going to base some sisters in black, some in white and sit and force myself to paint at least their base colours from head to toe. At the moment my models are a victim of 'first colour placed perfectly second colour spilled all over it' syndrome. I'm too impatient!

I grabbed a new sketch book and set of sketching pencils today to sit and practice some drawing.

I've been exhausted for about a week now, and not having the happiest few days. More will be added to the blog when my head is screwed on a bit more methinks. At least I'm updating everyday!

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