Saturday, 30 July 2011


So I've been a bit useless with my free time lately and haven't been updated the blog as fast as I should or could. To try and help spur me on a bit in the following days I have put up a set of placeholds pages for the things I do intend to be adding. Getting the ball rolling and all that.

I've given up painting my sisters for a while and been doing some orks instead. They are really fun to paint and definitely on their way to looking good. I did two test orks then pulled out a group of five to paint up altogether. All basecoated and drying from their first wash so far. I wanted to carry on painting but forced myself not to so I don't burn out again! There are no good photos from today unfortunately. Should get definitely get back on top of that and start taking good photos again.

I need to find an ink that will produce a devlan mud coloured wash so I can make my own batches up. I'm using it up in no time and don't want to keep forking out for it from games workshop when I could make it so much cheaper. Very tempted to pick up one of the packs of inks from hobbycraft, Dayler and Rowney or Winsor and Newton. It would last ages but I've spent so much money... Must hold back for now. Get a few sets of models and techniques under my belt before I start doing everything under the sun!

Will defo post a quick tutorial on how I did my orks when I've got it down pat. I really like how their skin looks, and the trousers. Just working out how to get their leather looking all snazzy now.

Goodnight, fair readers!

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