Sunday, 7 August 2011

Home Sweet Home

Today the boy and I came home again. Currently set up in the PC room again painting some orkys! I'm doing a basecoating guide using the orkies at the moment - I have three black primed ones and three white primed ones. Literally at the moment - I'm reaching over my painting stuff to type this!

I've started off basecoating them with 2:3 knarloc green to water, over all their exposed skin. As you can see I only needed a tiny bit of paint to do this; certainly much less than if I'd used it straight out the pot! Thinning your paints properly, oddly enough, makes a little go further than alot!

Here you can see how little paint I used. I used two lots of that volume and managed to do my two coats of green on the complete skins of 6 orcs. Above you can see the difference in the tone of the white and black based ones after one coat. Thanks to the wonders of lazily and stupidity I primed these orks so badly that I've actually ruined some of the details and depths of the model. Really crappy to paint on now - but oh well! I ruined them, I should finish them.

It was shortly after this point that my ability to take photos took a nose dive, and then the battery in the camera died. Probably of shame. So I don't have many useful pictures of the process between there and all basecoated, except for this one when I was hit by a solar flare;

Looks like an ork boy band

Luckily we all survived and I was able to finish basecoating!

You know you love my mustard pants
The yellow is Iyanden Sun - thinned the same as knarloc and two layers applied. The red on the white ones is just 1:1 scab red:10% flow, two layers. On the black ones its 1:1:1 scab red:mechrite red:10% flow. Oh and the boots are 1:1 Scorched brown:10% flow, two layers. There's a really nice grainy effect over the white - you could utilize it to make the boots look worn down and scraped.

Because I want the metals to look dirty and used I popped a quick basecoat of 1:1 chaos black: 10%F over all the white model's metal bits in two rough layers.

I'll finish writing this post later when I've got some decent photos to show from my painting. I can't take photos to save my life at the moment - I can get 1 out of every 10 crystal clear, the rest is blurry. I'll get on with updating some other pages on here instead, and take some proper photos in the sunlight tomorrow :<

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