Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Orky Progress

I started the day by cycling across the city and back to get some iridescent medium from hobbycraft. And some PhD chocolate chookie protein powder. I've been feeling very drained and exhausted the past week, hopefully starting exercising again and topping up what I eat and drink with some shakes will get me back into things! Been having so much trouble actually sitting down and painting, and doing my uni work.

But! Being exhausted to the point of crying can't stop me completely - I managed to bang out a couple more steps on my orks and get photos for my stripping tutorial done. (Hehe). Dad is going to pootle about with me tomorrow and get some nice high quality photos done for the prepping and priming tutorials as well - he does fancy photography with a massive set of lenses so hopefully they'll be decent!

Oh and uh... my problem with the camera yesterday was that I had actually put it onto manual focus mode, when I thought the M meant macro. Woops! Just don't tell anyone and it won't matter.

Onto orkies!

I did all six leather boots with a layer of 1:1 VMC flat brown, taking care to only paint on the raised layers. This gives the boots a really nice shaded look in the creases thanks to the underlayer of scorched brown. I much prefer this look to washes the shading in on leather boots. VMC flat brown has a slight reddy hue to it giving a nice depth to the leather look too.

The metal and the soles of the boots will be done last

The colour shows up really nicely on the black primed orks to, but I forgot to take a photo. Vallejo model colour seems much more highly pigmented than citadel paints, and also a much creamier consistency. Very nice to work with.

I then went over the black ork's trousers with more 1:1 iyanden sun. When that was dry the models were all give a devlan mud wash - quite a thick one. Devlan mud is a really handy wash colour but I find it most useful in larger amounts. When I've run out I'm going to make my own out of inks and post about it because it's really too expensive to buy and then use like I am. The ingredients to make it whenever I want would work out much cheaper overtime than rebuying devlan mud.

Anyho - I left this to dry for a while. Devlan mud is really important for defining the orks skin and muscles. The wash and knarloc green paints work perfectly together. I started washing and the sun was up, by the time it came to taking photos the sun had set.

All the skins washed up and left to dry

It has really brought out the definition of the muscles

Added a great deal of depth to the face - brought out features that were flat before

Depth to the colour of the trousers, and dirt. Shades the red fantastically as well.
Once I had gone back over the trousers with iyanden sun, I dabbed my brush in devlan mud again and pushed it gently into the creases, adding to the shading. I was careful not to get it elsewhere lest I have to touch up again!

That was it for painting. Earlier in the afternoon I helped boyfriend clean up with dettol stripped miniatures. I worked out one of the paints that the guy had used as a base - car spray paint! An iridescenty-non matte black car paint. Wasn't even primer. Been a nightmare to get any of it off. We've left them as they are because it seems after hours of arduous scrubbing and soaking and spraying chemicals on, this is the best we're going to get. A couple of them are clean, a few haven't had even the tiniest bit of paint removed, loads have this horrible car spray on, and a bunch have smidgens of paint left on them.

Fear the smudgy forces of Chaos!

Sprayed a few and have left them to dry overnight in the tiny painting greenhouse. Boyfriend used my priming guide :D

Finally the dog got bored of us not playing with her and decided to intervene in the painting activities

Hopefully I'll be feeling more awake and active tomorrow and I'll get a chunk of painting done! Sleep well my friendly neighbourhood ghost :)

Oh I forgot to show off my new iridescent medium! I shall do so tomorrow!

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