Friday, 5 August 2011

Orky orky orky

Well I am useless and didn't post everyday. Been swamped with work and non-pastic glue related problems. I finally finished my orks and took some photos of them during the brief period the sun was out today though.

Don't have much else to add today - I'm too exhausted! Primed some orks in the laziest way I have ever done, so they are going to be al fuzzy and blotchy. My own fault though, took something realy easiest and just couldn't be bother and my reward is orks with flat faces. Also covered my left hand in primer; still haven't gotten all of it off!

I did try something different this time. I had removed the ork parts from the sprues and removed the mold lines (Also lazily - they all look like... well, like they've all been attacked by giant files) and then stuck the body parts to a cut off piece of sprue to prime and paint them on. Made priming them nicer rather than trying to cover everything while it's all glued together.

I must go snooze now, got lots of work tomorrow (and hopefully painting!) Have some blurry orks

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